5 Best Blog Examples to Get You Inspired

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Some writing tips can be confusing. So instead of talking about theories, we’ll show you some great blog examples.

We’ll show you blogs that successfully used quality content, aesthetics, and detailed elements to create a fabulous final product. Get inspired and use these pro tips on your blog!

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What is a blog?

A blog is a platform to showcase your work online.

Created in 1994, a blog consisted of a plain webpage with text, HTML, and low-res images. Because mastering HTML was a must, only a few tech-savvy bloggers were known.

Fast forward to today, blogs are much more accessible. There are even many blogging platforms to choose from.

How blogs look changed too. Instead of a plain webpage, we see beautiful, heavily customized sites.

Blogs aren’t just filled with articles. Posts can contain visual art, photography, videos, and even podcasts.

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What makes a good blog?

A great blog usually covers a specific topic or niche. When you choose one topic, make sure to stick with it.

People come to your website for something specific. Give it to them.

Attractive visuals also influence your blog’s reputation.

Creating good content is hard: hours of research, writing, and editing. Try not to make common mistakes, like using too much catchy jargon, or over-produce your images. Most of the time you can talk to your reader like they’re your friend.

Simple writing is a great way to get your stories out there. Avoid flowery words that will confuse your reader. Use metaphors wisely and only if they help readers understand your intentions.

On the other hand, appealing visuals are also important for a blog. They make the consumption of content a lot more pleasant and add onto it. Pay attention to the blog layout, font type, and size.

What should your blog do?

Make your content valuable and give your readers what they want to read. It can be personal reflections, tips, recipes, Do-It-Yourself tutorials, or anything related to your chosen niche. Always consider if it’s something you would read yourself.

Business owners might want to use a blog to give more value to their brand. Address issues relevant to your brand and engage with your customers.

Make sure you create content consistently, to climb the SERP and grow your audience.

Examples of Inspiring blogs

Here are some blog examples you can draw inspiration from.


migrationoly.com blog homepage

Migrationology takes food blogging to a whole new level! The blog shows various recipes from across the world.

It isn’t about judging whether the food is delicious, but the experience surroun–ding it. Mark Wiens intentionally discusses the cultural backgrounds of the meals he serves.

migrationology.com food travel guides

For example in the blog post about Scrambled Brains Masala and Green Tea in Peshawar, Pakistan he vividly describes how the food is cooked and served. Including which seasoning the cook used and the clanking sound of utensils.

Those who get excited and crave for the same experience can check out the City Guides section. Mark even wrote guides on how to get to places – information about international and local transport, hotels, food recommendations, tourist attractions, and tips.

Takeaway tips:

  • Make sure to write a vivid description which inspires the imagination of your readers.
  • Provide information that your readers need.

Quiet Revolution

Quiet Revolution is a blog made by experts on various subjects. Inspiration first came from Susan Cain, the author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.”

quietrevolution.com blog homepage

The blog aims to deepen knowledge about introversion. What is more, it provides guides for introverts to help them “survive” at work and in personal life.

This blog doesn’t only target adults. It also discusses problems young children might run into, helping families and schools build more introvert-friendly environments.

Quiet Revolution provides free resources and gives readers a chance to take part in the project. Readers can submit posts about their experiences with introversion.

Takeaway tips:

  • Try to explore different aspects of your niche. Attract diverse audiences.
  • Do guest posting. It helps brand awareness and gaining new traffic.

Trash is For Tossers

trashisfortossers.com blog homepage

For some people, a zero-waste lifestyle is unimaginable. But Lauren Singer believes it’s simple, cost-effective, fun, & entirely possible for all.

Her blog, Trash is For Tossers aims to document her zero waste journey. Showcasing her lifestyle online also inspired other people to follow the same path.

The blog has loads of useful tips for readers to start their waste free journey. You’ll find articles about planning a sustainable wedding on a budget, zero waste valentine, or zero waste gift wrapping.

What is more, Lauren owns a zero waste shop, where you can check out valuable products. Anything from a kitchen set to pet products are available.

This is one of the best blog examples on how to turn your passion into a living!

trashisfortossers.com easy changes blog posts

If you’re still new to the lifestyle, make sure to check out the Easy Changes section. It’s located on the main menu, next to Shop. The section covers essential changes to your home, kitchen, shopping habits, or even office supplies.

Takeaway tips:

  • Provide easy access to information. Especially if your blog is about a relatively new topic or complex subject.
  • Market your products through a blog. Or put affiliate links to market someone else’ products and earn commissions.

The School of Life

theschooloflife.com blog homepage

The School of Life is an educational company which tackles questions about life. It offers workshops, classes, and therapy to better the emotional fulfillment of ones’ life. By keeping it academic, The School of Life avoids any kind of cliche motivational words. It is one of the best educational blog examples out there.

The Book of Life provides many articles about everyday life: work, relationships, the self, and culture. Articles invite you to reflect and gives advice to better your life. By sticking to this approach, you can internalize a healthy mindset, instead of overthinking.

The Book of Life section also reveals how serious the blog is. Each topic consists of hundreds of articles acting like book chapters.

Takeaway tips:

  • Create a strong connection between your content so readers keep coming back for new content.
  • Provide indexing for easy content following.


lavendaire.com blog homepage

Lavendaire is a blog dedicated to personal growth. It celebrates the ability to design what life they want to live, which is why this blog is called “lifestyle design”. This is one of the best blog examples on the web!

The homepage shows a visually pleasing video background along with jargon and a call to action button. The button will bring you to a workbook and daily planner available on Lavendaire shop.

If you don’t want to spend extra money, you can still get practical and inspirational content for free. Most blog posts featured combine podcasts or YouTube videos. So, you can still enjoy the content while doing other things.

lavendaire.com blog resources

You want to take a look at Resource. Here, Aileen gives you more downloadable material to practice lifestyle design. There are a bunch of worksheets, a list of book recommendations, content-creating bricks, free trials, and deals. This is one of the blog examples that shows off how to utilize marketing funnel.

Takeaway tips:

  • Combine your blog post with podcasts or YouTube videos. Adding diverse content will increase the reach.
  • Create freebies or downloadable content in order to mine email addresses of your audiences. With their consents, you can have them subscribed to your blog.


Quality content and aesthetics are non-negotiable for blogs. But, we also learned that there are a lot of elements that affect the reading experience.

All the elements we mentioned can be tailored to your blog too. So, don’t hesitate and add some to your blog.

Get inspiration from the mention blog examples and start your own blogging journey!


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