5 simple tips for how to update content on your website

5 Simple Tips for How to Update Content on Your Website

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[embedded content] Transcript: Your website isn’t set in stone, so you shouldn’t treat it like it is.  Technology and the internet change quickly, and often. You should update your website regularly to keep up with the times. Having an up-to-date and optimized site creates a great user experience, and will likely encourage people to spend more time on your site’s pages.  This contributes to your search engine optimization, or SEO,…
6 best cms software for website development smbs

6 Best CMS Software for Website Development & SMBs

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Are you looking for a content management system (CMS) that will help you create the digital content you need? With so many options on the market, it’s challenging to know which one is the best CMS software for your business. On this page, we’ll take a look at the six best CMS’s for website development for your business and share the pros and cons of each. If you’d like to…
category page design examples 6 category page inspirations

Category Page Design Examples: 6 Category Page Inspirations

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Dozens of people find your business when looking for a type of product but aren’t sure which product fits their needs best. With a well-designed and organized category page, you’ll help people browse products easier and find what they want. To help you get inspired, let’s take a look at some excellent category page design examples that showcase how you can design and develop these pages. On this page, we’ll…
what is website hosting and why does it matter for your website

What Is Website Hosting and Why Does It Matter for Your Website?

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[embedded content] Transcript: What is website hosting?  This is to make a point, I promise.  When you go to a party, there’s always a host. The host is usually the one who sets the location so everyone can come and enjoy the party. When you’re thinking of website hosting, think of your site’s host like the host of the party.  Your web host, just like a party host, offers you…
is my wordpress site ada compliant 3 plugins for finding out

Is My WordPress Site ADA Compliant? 3+ Plugins for Finding Out!

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Did you know that breaking the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can result in a six-figure fine? For every violation, companies can receive a $150,000 fine — and if you have a WordPress site, you could be liable. While WordPress aims to ensure website accessibility, it cannot guarantee it since every site owner customizes the content and structure of their website. As you’re in the driver’s seat of your WordPress…

5 Lead Generation Website Design Best Practices

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Are you looking to generate more leads and revenue with your website? If so, it’s time to consider web design for lead generation to help you create a website that caters to your audience and encourages them to become leads for your business.  On this page, we’ll provide you with five lead generation website design best practices for building a better site. If you want to get the latest on…
is my wordpress site secure 13 tips for locking down your wordpress site

Is My WordPress Site Secure? 13 Tips for Locking Down Your WordPress Site

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WordPress powers 35% of all websites, which makes WordPress sites a go-to target for hackers. If you’re like most WordPress site owners, you’re probably asking the same question: Is my WordPress site secure? While you can’t guarantee site security, you can take several steps to improve and maximize your WordPress security. Keep reading to learn how to make your WordPress site secure! If you need professional help with your website’s…
pay attention to these web design trends for 2020 7 trends

Pay Attention to These Web Design Trends for 2020 [7+ Trends]

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If you’re not already thinking about 2020 web design, the time is now. Already, web design trends for 2020 have started to emerge, and if you want to stay on-trend and engage site visitors, it’s crucial to pay attention. But what is the future of web design in 2020? Will everything change? Well — not everything, but some specific 2020 web design trends are worth your attention. On this page,…
what is a favicon 4 tips for creating an impactful favicon

What is a Favicon? [+4 Tips for Creating an Impactful Favicon]

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When you bookmark pages on the web, it’s challenging to remember the name of the page. As you dive back into your bookmarks to find it, you see a small icon next to the page. You recognize the icon and realize it’s the website you viewed prior. This icon, known as a favicon, is small, but it has a significant impact on brand recognition. On this page, we’ll answer the…
website redesign checklist 7 handy website redesign tips

Website Redesign Checklist + 7 Handy Website Redesign Tips

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Does your website feature design straight out of the ’90s and functionality from the stone age? If so, it’s time for an upgrade — and WebFX can help. When it comes to website redesign checklists, we’re at the top of our game, and we know how to get things done. But where do you start when it comes to redesigning a website? If you’re like us, you like lists, which…
is your website a failure 3 reasons sites fail and how to save yours

Is Your Website a Failure? 3 Reasons Sites Fail (And How to Save Yours)

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Traffic isn’t great, online sales are even worse, and let’s not talk about the lack of phone calls. Everyone, including you, is wondering the same thing — is your website a failure? Not yet, and not if you have anything to say about it. While a failing website can seem like a problem without a solution, that’s not the case. Plenty of factors can cause website failure, from a slow…
7 examples of great about us pages

7 Examples of Great “About Us” Pages

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Your website serves several important purposes for your company — attracting customers, generating leads, and making sales, just to name a few. And as your home on the Internet, it also needs to explain who you are to the world and why they should choose you over your competitors. However, creating an “About Us” page that accurately describes your company can be easier said than done. You can probably think…