Who We Are

Our company is one of the leading bumiputra ICT companies. We combine analysis and research along with many years of experience in supplying ICT equipment and application development. We are a results -oriented company and are always looking for optimization solutions.

Our company has strived to bring the best IT services to Malaysia. 10 years of experience gives us the confidence to continue to lead the field of IT. We always make sure that we maintain our standards of excellence. As technology changes, we keep abreast of the latest developments through continuous learning.

What We Do

We help companies across Malaysia to reach their full potential by providing consulting services for various industries and areas of business.

Our focus is on systems integration to enable us to provide customized solutions for our customers by integrating computer hardware, software, networking and web -based components to meet your business specifications.

Why 4 Finderz Services?

Client’s Aims

Our ability to empathize with the client’s aims and objectives based on our technical capability and business experience

Strong Experience

Our team has strong experience in the development of database driven web applications

Strong Quality

A strong quality ethos with great attention to detail in all aspects and well established project management techniques

Highly Use-able Functionality

Our emphases on the importance of design not only in the creation of feel and look but also in the delivery of highly use-able functionality

Projects On Time

Our verifiable record of delivering projects on time and on budget

Total Satisfaction

We ensure total satisfaction for our client

We are proud to work

Our experience

Web Solution91%
Application System Development95%
IT Support & Maintenance80%