What Are Blog Taglines and Why Are They Important?

Great blog taglines align with the site’s identity and can bring more traffic. However, for some reason, bloggers tend to ignore blog lines or write them incorrectly, which can have a negative impact on their blog.

In this article, we’ll give you tips and examples of how to make a catchy blog tagline that attracts readers and prevents them from leaving your blog.

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What are Blog Taglines?

The Bloggess tagline as our example

To put it simply, blog taglines are phrases that summarize what the blog is all about.

The tagline is commonly located next to the blog’s name. It serves as essential information regarding what readers can expect from the site.

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Why Are Blog Taglines Important?

Blog tagline tells your visitors that your site is the right place to find what they need. If there are no clear details, they might leave and you’ll lose traffic.

As a matter of fact, nowadays a blog name has become more irrelevant to describe what a site is all about. It is the blog tagline does the job in a simple and meaningful way.

For example, a blog called Boing Boing doesn’t use its name to describe anything. But the tagline, “The directory of mostly wonderful things” clarifies the site’s identity.

Another example, Lifehacker’s tagline reads, “tips and downloads for getting things done.” Readers immediately know that the blog will help them solve daily life problems.

How to Write a Good Blog Tagline?

A good blog tagline should be:

  • Creative. Come up with a catchy and distinctive phrase that will set you apart from the others.
  • Memorable. Ensure that your tagline is easy to remember by keeping it concise and meaningful.
  • Brand recognizable. Create something that matches your blog’s identity and niche.
  • Descriptive. Summarize your blog is and what it does in a few words that make sense.

To help you come up with a tagline that follows those characteristics, you can ask yourself some questions, such as:

    1. Who Is Your Audience?

Knowing who your readers are is crucial. Focus on what they need and reflect that demand on your blog tagline.

    2. What Is Your Vision and Mission?

Set your goals and define a way to achieve them. If the purpose is clear, it’s easier for you to explain what the goal of your blog is.

    3. What Can You Offer Your Audience?

Think of your knowledge, skills, and resources, then use them to deliver something useful for your visitors. Show your capability and commitment to attract them.

    4. What Is Your Brand’s Personality?

It shapes the way people feel about your blog. Determine what kind of personality you want to express – competent, creative, funny, etc. Just make it consistent throughout your website.

    5. How Are You Different From Competitors?

Find your unique value and voice, then describe it explicitly to your readers. Establish a sense that you have something that others don’t.

Now it’s time to try these instructions on how to make excellent blog taglines:

  • Try to begin the tagline with a verb. If possible, use a verb. This will indicate exactly what you do and what you promise the audience. A great example of this is Nerd Fitness, whose tagline says, “Helping You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Live Better”
  • Brainstorm some keywords. Try to list some keywords that you want your blog to rank for and pick one that also serves its identity.
  • Keep it to 60 characters. Make your tagline memorable by keeping it short–only show your core idea.
  • Use powerful words to show your expertise. Words like, “effective”, and “professional” will build trust.
  • Keep it simple and easy to understand. Don’t use any difficult words and follow the basic grammatical rules.
  • Show off your personality. Your tagline should match your brand’s identity. If you want to make a blog about fashion, display your elegance. If it’s a comedy blog, throw in some jokes.

Examples of Good Blog Taglines

There are many examples of excellent blog taglines across the internet, but you should never really copy any of them. Instead, let’s see why they are good and how they serve the blogs’ purpose.

1. Lifestyle Blogs

Why it’s good: It describes the blog’s niche clearly so the readers know what to expect. The matching name and tagline also make the whole idea memorable.

Simple tagline in Zen Habits blog

Why it’s good: The 1-word tagline perfectly pictures the simplicity and zen (inner peace) that the blog wants to display.

2. Fashion Blogs

What My Boyfriend Wore shows elegance in its tagline

Why it’s good: It’s the example of how powerful words and elegance can go well together without being too difficult to read.

Why it’s good: The tagline emphasizes what the blog is about.

3. Food Blogs

Why it’s good: The blog’s minimalistic approach in food is consistent through its name, posts, and tagline.

Why it’s good: The tagline convinces people that the blog is committed to delivering cheap recipes and is proud of its particular niche.

4. Portfolio Websites

Zachary's blog tagline shows his capability

Why it’s good: The phrase is powerful and ensures the reader of the owner’s capability.

  • James Ranson: The Master Wordsmith™: Transforming Your Words From Good To Great.

Jason's strong words in his blog tagline

Why it’s good: Portfolio website is the place to show off one’s skills, and in James’ case, he uses strong verbs to tell what he can do.


A blog tagline will give meaningful information which can attract readers to your site. And we’re sure if you follow our tips, you’ll eventually come up with a catchy phrase that serves your blog very well. Goodluck!


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