8 Best Free Online Form Builders

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Creating an online form has never been easier. And it doesn’t have to cost you any money at all! In this article, we’ll talk about the best free online form builders that can accommodate your needs.

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What is a Form Builder?

A form builder is a tool to create any online web forms.

There are many advantages to using an online form builder. They are easier to create and share, and more concise in their form, compared to their paper counterparts. As an illustration, a dropdown field in an online form will keep it small while maintaining all the important options.

There are many online form builders that can help you make a form from simple to complex in mere minutes.

8 Best Free Online Form Builders

Online form builders let you create only user-friendly forms and make them visually attractive.

Here, we have chosen 8 free online form builders that we think are the best among all of the available options.

1. Google Forms

Google FormsGoogle Forms lets you create unlimited online forms for free. You just need to log in using your Google account.

You can make a form either from a blank document or using templates. Google Forms provides you with personal, work, and educational form templates.

You can customize your form, but it is limited to the header, theme color, and font style only. The whole design will remain the same.

If you want to have a unique design, Google Forms might be not for you. But, its easy drag and drop method is great for those who need to create a simple form fast.

Also, Google Forms can be integrated with Google Sheets to analyze the data collected in real time. Plus, you can embed the form on your website or in the body of an email to get a faster response from your recipients.

2. Wufoo

WufooWufoo is our next free online form builder known for its easy to use. Unlike Google Forms, you need to get their premium plan to enjoy all the features.

But their free plan is enough for creating regular forms. You can enjoy up to five forms, 10 fields, 100 entries, and email support.

After signing up and confirming your email, you can create a new form. You can add a field depending on your needs and then personalize your form using options on field settings and form settings.

Wufoo lets you share your form and embed your form with JavaScript and iFrame, as well as on WordPress. If you want, you can set notifications to your inbox and to your mobile.

3. Cognito Forms

Cognito FormsIf you want to make an online survey, Cognito Forms is one of the best options.

This free online form builder has advanced features to build a complex form. Most of the features you can get for free are

  • Conditional logic to display a field after a specific answer
  • Multipage forms to set page breaks with progress bars
  • Repeating section to make one form that suits everyone

If you get their premium plans, you’ll enjoy even more advanced features like electronic signatures, lookup field, and entry sharing.

4. JotForm

Jot FormsAnyone can create various online forms with JotForm easily. It is a fully featured free online form builder with easy drag and drop method.

With JotForm you can create any types of forms:

  • Registration forms
  • Feedback
  • Contact forms
  • Booking forms

In fact, they have more than 10,000 free online form templates.

Jot form offers multiple subscription plans including their starter plan which is free. You’ll get five forms with unlimited fields, 100MB free storage, and 500 submissions.

5. LiveForms (for WP)

Live Forms

Live Forms is a WordPress plugin with more than 3,000 active subscribers.

You need to install and activate this plugin through the WordPress dashboard before creating a form.

Live Forms offers a visual builder. It lets you create any types of forms like a subscription, client review, and payment form.

Almost similar to Wufoo, Live Forms provides groups of forms fields: commonly used, generic and advanced form fields. You just need to click add a field or drag and drop it to Form Field.

You can use Live Forms for free and buy additional add-ons if you need additional functions. Or, you can get their premium plan to enjoy free access to all add-ons.

6. EmailMeForm

EmailMeFormCreating a survey or contact form is easy using EmailMeForm.

You can signup for free to create as many forms as you like. This basic plan offers 50 fields, 100 submissions/month, 3 themes, and 100 MB storage.

Once you log in, you can create a form using more than 100 free templates they provide for any types of forms:

  • Payment forms
  • Tracking forms
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Feedback forms

While the free plan is great, you can enjoy even more great features with their premium plans such as autoresponder, data export, encrypted fields, and web app integration.

7. 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder123FormBuilder is another great free online form builder we have on the lists. It lets you create forms and collect submissions.

They have a lot of features to let you make unique and functional forms.

  • Templates collection
  • Mobile support
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Customized form themes
  • WordPress integration

Either you’re an individual or business, 123FormBuilder is one of the best free online form builders you can find out there.

The good thing is you can enjoy most of the functional features for free.

8. Zoho

Zoho FormsZoho Forms is an impressive free online form builder for creating and sharing any types of online form.

While it’s good for an individual, a business would enjoy this online form builder more.

They have such nice features to let you build a workflow, from creating a form to analyzing the data. Within the workflow, you can

  • Create any forms from simple text boxes to complex formula fields.
  • Embed your form to your websites or social media to reach more people
  • Receive notification emails once submissions occur
  • Integrate with many application like Google Sheets and Salesforce
  • Do analysis from the statistics and custom reports you create

While you can make any online forms with Zoho for free, their premium plans offer unlimited forms, more storage, and themes.


If you want to make an online form without cost, using a free online form builder is a great idea. You just need to choose the best.

  • Google Forms is easy to use with Google Sheets integration
  • Wufoo offers a simple interface with great embedding options
  • Cognito Forms lets you enjoy advanced features for free (conditional logic)
  • JotForm is amazing form builder offering 10,000 free templates
  • Live Forms is a powerful form builder plugin for your WordPress site
  • EmailMeForm lets you create unlimited forms saved in the cloud
  • 123FormBuilder is a must try for a business with easy to use interface
  • Zoho is perfect for a business who needs sophisticated data analysis features

If you’ve decided which one to use, let’s go creating stunning forms!


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