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Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL) 2017

28 April – 7 May 2017 at PWTC Masa : Isnin – Khamis (10 pagi – 7 malam) | Jumaat – Ahad & Cuti Umum (10 pagi – 9 malam) Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL) pada 28 April hingga 7 Mei bakal menyaksikan buat pertama kalinya perhimpunan 1,000 penulis dari seluruh Asia Tenggara. Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran, Tan Sri Dr. Khair Mohammad Yusof berkata, kehadiran penulis itu akan memeriahkan lagi…
how to fix and avoid traffic drops after a website redesign

How to Fix (and Avoid) Traffic Drops after a Website Redesign

Design, Internet, Web Development
No matter how state-of-the-art your company’s website may have seemed when you first launched it, there comes a time when every site can benefit from a redesign. Given the multitude of algorithm changes than happen each year, and regular shifts in consumer Internet use, it can be nearly impossible for an outdated website to deliver the online results you need. If you’ve recently launched a redesign, you were likely excited…