10 inspiring contact us pages

10 Inspiring “Contact Us” Pages

Design, Internet, Web Development
Your company’s website serves many purposes, like explaining your services, highlighting your successes, and building your brand. But most important of all, it helps visitors become customers. But in many cases, those visitors need to get in touch with you before making a purchase. And for that to happen, you’ll need a compelling “Contact Us” page. Creating a page that’s simple enough for visitors to finish, but thorough enough to…
5 tips for making more money as a freelance designer

5 Tips for Making More Money as a Freelance Designer

Design, Internet
When I started out, I made about $1,680 a month (after taxes). Now I make that in less than two days. It’s crazy when I think about it. 5 Tips for Making More Money as a Freelance Designer. For a lot of us (myself included), it’s never about the money. But what I have inevitably realized is that money brings freedom. The freedom to choose the work we take on. The…