20 coming soon pages for inspiration

20 “Coming Soon” Pages for Inspiration

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Even if your site is still months away from being ready for launch, you should put up a “coming soon” pages as soon as possible. A “coming soon” pages can help you collect user information, like email addresses and feedback/suggestions. It can, therefore, help you build buzz and a base of early adopters prior to your site’s launch.For ideas and inspiration, check out these “coming soon” pages. (They used to…
6 free tools for creating your own icon font

6 Free Tools for Creating Your Own Icon Font

Design, Internet, Web Development
Although there are many icon font sets (such as Font Awesome and Iconic) that you can readily use in your UI designs, there are times when you might want to generate your own custom icon font. For instance, you might have icons that you have designed that you would like to convert into an icon font set, or perhaps you would like to combine icons from various icon font sets.…
9 useful tools for creating material design color palettes

9 Useful Tools for Creating Material Design Colour Palettes

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One of the biggest things you’ll notice in material design is the use of bold, vibrant colours.Material design’s colour guidelines describe the colour style as being “inspired by bold hues juxtaposed with muted environments, deep shadows, and bright highlights.” If you need to generate material design colour palettes, these online tools will help. In this tool, you start by picking your primary colour and accent colour. Afterwards, it will show…